Power In Partnership Webinar

Event location: Go To Webinar
Event start date: 29-04-2021
Event end date: 29-04-2021

The event will take place at 11am and will finish by Midday.

This is NOT a rental agreement it is a ‘Power In Partnership’, between us and you.

A partnership between Proteum and our customers where we work together to maximise uptime and minimise unexpected costs. Monitoring the engine via remote login and oil sampling at service intervals will enable us to predict potential failures, therefore rectifying them before a breakdown occurs.

How does P.I.P benefit the customer?

  • No high value initial cost to purchase engine, simple manageable cost of ownership.
  • Only pay for the hours that the engine is working and earning money.
  • Routine services booked in advance.
    Maximise up time of the engine/boat.
  • The OXE diesel outboard of your choice
  • Able to utilise all the benefits of the OXE diesel without the increased buy price.
  • Don’t worry about the depreciation value
  • Jointly reducing the risk of operational disruption

The Power In Partnership removes any unnecessary pain of remembering those service schedules, because it remains in the hands of the Proteum team, who manage this for you.

We will provide through life-support for the OXE diesel outboard to keep you on the water for longer, so you can carry on doing what they do best; being the guardians of the sea.

For more information visit our P.I.P webpage or download our brochure


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