Proteum announces Demo Days for OXE 125-200hp portfolio

2 -3 April at Hamble

UK & Ireland distributor, Proteum, is hosting Demo Days on 2 and 3 April at Hamble Point Marina for potential commercial users of the newly extended OXE Diesel 125-200hp portfolio of high performance outboard engines. OXE is the world’s first high power diesel outboard and in service in applications including fishing, aquaculture, workboats, ferry, lifeboat and military operations.

There will be two sessions per day from 10.00-12.00 and 2.00-4.00 which include a short introduction to OXE Diesel followed by a half hour water demo on an OXE 200 powered JBT Rib. The Proteum team and the engineers who support the engines will be on hand to answer questions. There will be two water demos per session, each able to carry 4 people, so places are limited to 8 per session.

The sessions are free.  Click here to book

With over 200 units in service with high intensity users, OXE has proven its reliability and cost effectiveness.

Based on in service data, an operating scenario over 5 years shows OXE’s total cost of ownership to be, on average, £100,000 less than a petrol equivalent due to its fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.  For most users, OXE’s higher purchase price is recoverable after 700-1000 hours and sooner for operators unable to reclaim VAT on petrol.  This is due to its fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs when compared to an equivalent petrol outboard.

This year Proteum will also be exhibiting the OXE Diesel at Skipper Expo Int Galway and Seawork.


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