4,000km round trip with OXE Diesel Outboards

AluVenture, the Norwegian producers of aluminium boats, have recently celebrated their success in completing a 4,000 km round trip in their new 11000XE model boat from their base in Oslo to Seawork in Southampton, London, Scotland and then back to Oslo.

The journey was the perfect opportunity for AluVenture to prove the quality of their new boat and the reliability and durability of the two OXE Diesel Outboards powering the vessel.

The OXE Diesel outboard engines demonstrate their capabilities with a 4,000km round trip on the AluVenture from Oslo to Seawork in Southampton, London, Scotland and back. Buy OXE Diesel engines from UK distributor Proteum.

The 11000 XE is AluVenture’s largest model to date. It is 11m long and 2.8m wide. Due to the high torque of the OXE Diesel Outboards this model can reach top speeds of 45 knots.

The boat began its voyage in Oslo and headed straight down the West Coast of Sweden to Angelholm. From there, the boat travelled to Germany and through the 99km long Kiel Channel which connects the Baltic and the North Sea. Within the channel there was a maximum speed of just 8 knots, making the journey through the channel a long 7 hours. The next leg of the journey was to Amsterdam and then onto Dover, finally ending up in Southampton for Seawork 2018 where it was able to demonstrate its operational capabilities to potential consumers.

The crew decided to take a different route home via the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament before travelling up to Peterhead in Scotland, stopping at Lowestoft, North Shields and Lindisfarne. The final stretch of the journey was 303 nautical miles back to Norway across the North Sea.

The Aluventure 11000XE on the River Thames outside the House of Parliament which is powered by two OXE Diesel outboard engines. It completed a 4,000km round trip from Oslo to Seawork in Southampton, London, Scotland and back.
The Aluventure 11000XE in London

The trip took a total of 10 days.  The longest run was from Peterhead in Scotland to Mandal in Norway which took 13 hours.  The first 11hrs were at 27kn in good conditions. The last two were at 14kn in bad conditions. In total the boat used approximately 4,900ltrs of diesel, including day trips during Seawork demonstrating the significant fuel economy of the OXE engines.

The AluVenture 11000XE is now departing on another voyage around Norway leaving from Halden and finishing in Kirkens to display this innovative vessel and the OXE Diesel outboard across Norway.

OXE Diesel Outboards are extremely well suited to commercial users. They offer the potential for extended journeys, fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs and improved acceleration.

Proteum is the official distributor for the UK and Ireland. To enquire about the OXE for your vessel, please contact Proteum today!

Proteum announces availability of production OXE Diesel at Aquaculture UK and Skipper Expo International

UK & Ireland distributor Proteum is announcing at the consecutive Aquaculture UK and Skipper Expo International shows the availability of production OXE Diesel engines in stock to meet customer demand. OXE is the first diesel outboard in the 150-300hp class to be fully approved for commercial use.

Since the first pre-production OXE Diesel units entered service in 2016 following trials with launch customer, Marine Harvest, the engine design has been enhanced based on customer feedback from operators in applications including commercial fishing, ferry, cruise ship launch craft and border protection.

Inverness based Caley Marina has become a service partner to Southampton based Proteum to support OXE into service in Scotland and is currently operating an OXE powered workboat on Loch Ness for product familiarisation and training.

Caley Marine Director, Jamie Hogan said, “As the first high power diesel outboard, OXE is an exciting new product for Caley’s customers in Scotland’s aquaculture and fishing community”.

OXE Diesel offers commercial marine operators the range and performance they require and the benefits of diesel’s lower maintenance, longer service life, lower fuel consumption and lower volatility for safe storage on board and on land.

Proteum, which provides marine engineering and support services, is also UK & Ireland distributor for Moteurs Baudouin and is showcasing the latest addition to Baudouin’s range of mechanical inboard engines, the 600-750 hp M33.2 available in six and twelve cylinder versions. Proteum is also displaying the 130hp four cylinder W 105M, which is proven in service as a generator, propulsion and auxiliary engine in fishing, small ferry, workboat and other commercial marine applications.

This year Baudouin is celebrating a 100 year heritage as a dedicated marine engine designer and stated its commitment to future development and production of mechanical engines to meet the needs of fishing skippers and customers operating in remote regions.

Proteum is also highlighting the availability of Baudouin engines which are built to an annual forecast, as opposed to an individual order, enabling distributors to maintain stock and deliver a new engine within tight schedules.

Visit Proteum on Stand 43 at Aquaculture UK, Aviemore, 23-24 May and on Stand 135 at Skipper Expo International, Aberdeen, 25-26 May.

BUKH announces the asset takeover of Marinediesel AB VGT engine series

Today, BUKH A/S has announced the acquisition of Sweden based Marinediesel AB´s production of VGT marine engines, taking over the production and development of the powerful GM based V8 Diesel. In the future, production, sales and support will take place from BUKH´s Danish factory, ensuring that the engines meet the high quality standards that have been the trademark of Danish-built BUKH engines since 1899.

Representing another milestone in our company’s growth plan, this acquisition strengthens BUKH´s position, expertise and competitiveness in the marine segments where BUKH has been represented for more than 110 years. BUKH has taken over all assets of Marinediesel AB relating to the VGT marine engines, and from today all the marine activities from Marinediesel AB will be executed by BUKH.

Proteum is the UK distributor for BUKH and has many years experience working with the Marinediesel VGT range.

For all UK enquiries for spare parts, engines and technical support please contact Proteum on 02380 457 656 or info@proteum.co.uk

**SPECIAL OFFER** Baudouin offer 24 month warranty

We are delighted to announce that Moteurs Baudouin are currently offering an extended 24 month warranty on all Baudouin propulsion, auxiliary and generators.  This replaces the standard 12 month warranty.

This applies to all Baudouin propulsion, auxiliary and generators purchased between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 from Proteum UK.

Please contact the Proteum team today to place your order

Proteum are UK & Eire Distributors for Moteurs Baudouin.  This warranty will only apply to engines that conform to Baudouin’s engine service & maintenance plans for each engine.  Terms and conditions apply.  Proteum are part of SC Group

Production OXE Diesel Outboard Motor makes DSEi debut

The full production OXE Diesel 200hp high performance outboard diesel engine makes its defence show debut at DSEi demonstrated by UK & Ireland distributor, Proteum Ltd.  The OXE Diesel outboard engine will be powering a JBT Marine 7.8m Ballistic Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB).  This will showcase the OXE’s horsepower, range and extreme environment performance for military and security operations.

Since Proteum launched OXE Diesel into the defence market as a pre-production unit, OXE has entered service worldwide in a variety of applications.  Production is accelerating to meet growing demand.  Future power options from 100hp to 400hp are planned by OXE manufacturer, CIMCO Marine.

OXE runs on NATO F75/76 fuels and all other standard EN 590 diesel fuels.  As NATO’s single fuel policy continues to drive the transition away from petrol to diesel, the OXE Diesel provides military operators with a viable diesel outboard.

“OXE is fast establishing itself as the credible production diesel outboard of this horsepower available to military and security operators”, said Jeremy Paul, General Manager of Proteum.  Proteum provide sales, support, spares, maintenance and training for marine products.  They are an SC Group company.

SC Group directors attend Buckingham Palace reception for Queen’s Award winners

SC Group directors, Lizzie Jones and Nick Ames, represented the SC Group, the holding company for Proteum, at a reception hosted by HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace on 11 July honouring the winners of the 2017 Queen’s Enterprise Awards, the UK’s most prestigious business awards.   The innovative design and engineering company, which provides products and services globally, including specialist off-road wheeled and tracked vehicles, was awarded the Queen’s Award for International Trade for Outstanding Short Term Growth.

Nick Ames, Chief Executive of SC Group, said, “It was proud day for SC Group.  My abiding memory will be the immaculate nature of the event from the organisation, to the staff, to the buildings and the performance of the Royal Family.  A truly inspiring event!”

Over the last three years the overseas earnings of Supacat, the military division of SC Group, grew from £2.5m to over £32m buoyed by a large Australian contract for its Special Forces HMT Extenda vehicle.  The vehicle is operated by the world’s elite Special Forces and is part of Supacat’s family of military high mobility and protected vehicles, which includes the acclaimed `Jackal` and `Coyote` operated by the UK Armed Forces.

The Queen’s Award will be formally presented to SC Group by the Lord Lieutenant of Devon on 18 September at the company’s headquarters in Dunkeswell, Devon.


Two More Business Awards for SC Group!

The National Award for Defence and Aerospace was awarded to the company deemed by the judges to have made the most exciting impact on exports from the South West, either in terms of international presence, export growth, or exports as a proportion of sales.

The Medium-sized Company of the Year award was awarded based on our success in international markets. Specifically, the judges were looking for businesses that have continued to innovate, faced down challenges, and developed opportunities that have delivered sustainable growth to the business.

Nick Ames, Chief Executive of SC Group said “we are delighted to be in receipt of yet more awards, these ones coming straight after our recent Queen’s Award for Export. At SC Group, we’re all very proud of what we do on a global scale but also how we achieve that whilst headquartered in the South West of the UK”.  Nick added: “Engineering capability in the South West is growing and we’re glad to be a part of that particularly with major projects such as Hinkley Point C nearby.  Many thanks to all who have supported us in winning these awards.”

Insider South West International Trade Awards 2017 - Medium sized Company of the Year, SC Group
Insider South West International Trade Awards 2017 – Medium sized Company of the Year, SC Group

ZF Services UK expands supplier network with Proteum as new service partner

Under the new service partnership Proteum becomes an official dealer of ZF transmissions.   It has built a strong reputation for providing high quality marine engineering services, spanning repair, spares and development, which will be available to ZF’s marine customers.

Proteum provides marine diesel engine supply and support services to a worldwide customer base that includes all related products and services. Proteum is a UK & EIRE distributor and dealer for Marine Diesel, Baudouin, OXE Diesel Outboard, BUKH, ZF Gearboxes and Konrad stern drives.

Paul Dean, Business Marine Manager for Marine at ZF Services UK, commented: “Developing our supplier network is vital to ensure we continue providing a high quality service that meets the needs of our customers, so we’re delighted to be working with Proteum to help achieve this. We look forward to working with Proteum and developing ways to strengthen the service we offer our customers.”

Jeremy Paul, Managing Director of Proteum said, “We are proud to work with ZF Services UK which is a prestigious addition to our product portfolio. We have built our service on mechanical excellence, responsiveness and integrity and we look forward to supporting customers for ZF’s products – we always strive to provide the best long-term solution and develop a longstanding relationship built on trust”.

Proteum introduces new Baudouin M33.2 range of high output engines to UK & Ireland fishing and commercial markets

The M33.2 has been designed specifically for the marine environment and extends Baudouin’s portfolio into the 650HP -1500HP range, offering the flexibility of two specifications, the 12M33.2 V12 39.2 litres and 6M33.2 straight 6 19.6 litres.  Its high engine capacity, relative to the horsepower, is designed to conserve engine life in high strain, load bearing applications such as fishing trawlers, offshore support, workboats and ferries.

Operational and through life costs are low in accordance with Baudouin’s reputation for designing low fuel consumption engines. A proven and simple design eases maintenance to minimise downtime.

Customers benefit from the world-wide technical expertise and service support from authorised Baudouin distributors, such as Proteum, the marine products specialist, which is part of the SC Group engineering business.  It operates from Hamble, UK, offering complete powertrain solutions, providing sales, commissioning, technical support, spares and servicing as well as service maintenance agreements and training.

Jeremy Paul, General Manager of Proteum, said, “The M33.2 is an exciting new engine delivering significant operational savings to commercial and fishing operators and Proteum is looking forward to talking to customers and supporting them through its introduction and service life ”.

Moteurs Baudouin has built a reputation for an unparalleled range of marine diesel engines, marine generators and auxiliary engines for the demanding commercial marine, fishing and shipping sectors.  The company is now part of the Weichai Power Company and continues to develop new products that offer exceptional reliability and low through life costs.

OXE Diesel receives EPA Tier 3 and IMO Tier 2 – first high power outboard approved for commercial use at sea

The 200HP OXE Diesel has the highest power density of any marine diesel and its manufacturer, Cimco Marine, will be developing other engine models in the future.

Jeremy Paul, General Manager of Proteum, the UK & Ireland distributor for OXE Diesel, comments, “Finally commercial and military operators can buy a fully approved high power diesel outboard with the range and performance they require. This is a big deal for OXE and the commercial marine sector which values diesel’s lower maintenance, longer service life, lower fuel consumption and lower volatility”.

The use and storage of petrol has been a problem for naval and other forces aboard mother ships for daughter craft due to its volatility. NATO has introduced a single fuel policy to improve safety and interoperability, which is driving a transition to diesel. In addition to coastal fishing, aquaculture and ferry operations, other potential applications for OXE include survey work, emergency services, Economic Exclusion Zone protection and other security related operations.

OXE Diesel utilises the latest belt drive technology that eliminates the traditional high maintenance bevel gears and transfer shafts. It uses a conventional automotive engine block adapted for marine use. Unlike most outboards OXE is mounted horizontally, which improves reliability and reduces maintenance.

Proteum is the official UK & Ireland Distributor for OXE Diesel engines.


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