Proteum announces OXE Diesel 125 and 175 ‘now available’ at Skipper Expo Int Galway 2019

Proteum, UK & Ireland distributor for OXE Diesel, is announcing at Skipper Expo Intl Galway 2019 that the new OXE 125 and 175 additions to the OXE Diesel product portfolio are now available in stock for fishing and commercial marine customers. The extended portfolio, launched in November by manufacturer, Cimco Marine, offers 125HP, 150HP, 175HP and 200HP options to meet a range of user specifications.

Proteum will be exhibiting the OXE Diesel, the world’s first high power diesel outboard, at the show. With over 200 units in service with high intensity users, OXE has proven its reliability and cost effectiveness in a wide range of applications. “Our in service data shows OXE’s higher acquisition cost is recoverable after only 1500 hours or 12 months operation when compared to an equivalent petrol outboard”, says Neil Taylor, Head of Sales at Proteum.

The OXE Diesel is a cost effective alternative to petrol in total cost of ownership, benefitting from lower fuel costs, higher working efficiency, lower maintenance and ease of sourcing compared to petrol. OXE 150 uses up to 40% less fuel than a modern 150HP 4-Stroke outboard giving it an extended range, significantly increasing operational time between refuelling. Diesel’s lower volatility also makes it a safer option than a petrol alternative.

The new OXE 125 suits heavy duty use by small fishing vessels and Oil & Gas marine field users. It also offers tax advantages in certain regions. OXE 175 offers an alternative to OXE 150 users who require either a high top speed or a heavy load carrying capability with high and low torque gear options.

OXE uses a unique belt driven propulsion system, which allows a hydraulic multi plate gearbox to be mounted. This enables the gearbox to handle significantly higher loads than a traditional outboard engine.

Proteum is exhibiting OXE Diesel on Stand 72 at Skipper Expo International Galway, 8-9 March 2019.

Pictured above: Fishing boat ‘Courage’ with OXE Diesel outboards





OXE Diesel Outboards power new Thames workboat

Proteum has recently supplied three 150HP OXE Diesel outboard engines to power a new workboat for operations on the River Thames. The UK marine distributor has supplied the engines to Landing Craft UK (LCUK), safety and workboat specialists, who built the landing craft for GPSM DiveCo Ltd.

A diesel outboard was required on safety grounds as the landing craft will work alongside Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) jetties and also because the supply of petrol on the Thames is becoming increasingly limited. The OXE Diesel is the first approved high performance diesel outboard and was selected as the best in class.

Tony Kortens, MD of Landing Craft UK Ltd, said, “The OXE is faultless; the smoothness; power; and thrust of the engines are amazing. We can achieve speeds of 20 knots in a boat that weighs in excess of ten tonnes. The OXE’s excellent fuel economy shows with all three engines running to their maximum we have a fuel burn of 90 litres per hour which is phenomenal”.

Jeremy Paul, General Manager of Proteum, said, “Commercial operators have been wanting a high performance diesel outboard for a very long time to benefit from diesel’s lower maintenance and longer service life. OXE has solved this need, proved its reliability and is ready to go!”

In addition to workboats, the OXE diesel is suitable for coastal fishing, aquaculture, ferry operations, survey work, emergency services and other security and defence related operations.

Diesel has a higher working efficiency than petrol and OXE uses up to 40% less fuel than a modern 150HP 4-Stroke Outboard. The OXE also has an extended range, significantly increasing operational time between refuelling.

River Thames Landing Craft powered by 150HP OXE Diesel Outboard engines supplied by Proteum



Proteum announces availability of production OXE Diesel at Aquaculture UK and Skipper Expo International

UK & Ireland distributor Proteum is announcing at the consecutive Aquaculture UK and Skipper Expo International shows the availability of production OXE Diesel engines in stock to meet customer demand. OXE is the first diesel outboard in the 150-300hp class to be fully approved for commercial use.

Since the first pre-production OXE Diesel units entered service in 2016 following trials with launch customer, Marine Harvest, the engine design has been enhanced based on customer feedback from operators in applications including commercial fishing, ferry, cruise ship launch craft and border protection.

Inverness based Caley Marina has become a service partner to Southampton based Proteum to support OXE into service in Scotland and is currently operating an OXE powered workboat on Loch Ness for product familiarisation and training.

Caley Marine Director, Jamie Hogan said, “As the first high power diesel outboard, OXE is an exciting new product for Caley’s customers in Scotland’s aquaculture and fishing community”.

OXE Diesel offers commercial marine operators the range and performance they require and the benefits of diesel’s lower maintenance, longer service life, lower fuel consumption and lower volatility for safe storage on board and on land.

Proteum, which provides marine engineering and support services, is also UK & Ireland distributor for Moteurs Baudouin and is showcasing the latest addition to Baudouin’s range of mechanical inboard engines, the 600-750 hp M33.2 available in six and twelve cylinder versions. Proteum is also displaying the 130hp four cylinder W 105M, which is proven in service as a generator, propulsion and auxiliary engine in fishing, small ferry, workboat and other commercial marine applications.

This year Baudouin is celebrating a 100 year heritage as a dedicated marine engine designer and stated its commitment to future development and production of mechanical engines to meet the needs of fishing skippers and customers operating in remote regions.

Proteum is also highlighting the availability of Baudouin engines which are built to an annual forecast, as opposed to an individual order, enabling distributors to maintain stock and deliver a new engine within tight schedules.

Visit Proteum on Stand 43 at Aquaculture UK, Aviemore, 23-24 May and on Stand 135 at Skipper Expo International, Aberdeen, 25-26 May.

Production OXE Diesel Outboard Motor makes DSEi debut

The full production OXE Diesel 200hp high performance outboard diesel engine makes its defence show debut at DSEi demonstrated by UK & Ireland distributor, Proteum Ltd.  The OXE Diesel outboard engine will be powering a JBT Marine 7.8m Ballistic Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB).  This will showcase the OXE’s horsepower, range and extreme environment performance for military and security operations.

Since Proteum launched OXE Diesel into the defence market as a pre-production unit, OXE has entered service worldwide in a variety of applications.  Production is accelerating to meet growing demand.  Future power options from 100hp to 400hp are planned by OXE manufacturer, CIMCO Marine.

OXE runs on NATO F75/76 fuels and all other standard EN 590 diesel fuels.  As NATO’s single fuel policy continues to drive the transition away from petrol to diesel, the OXE Diesel provides military operators with a viable diesel outboard.

“OXE is fast establishing itself as the credible production diesel outboard of this horsepower available to military and security operators”, said Jeremy Paul, General Manager of Proteum.  Proteum provide sales, support, spares, maintenance and training for marine products.  They are an SC Group company.


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