OXE Diesel

The OXE Diesel Outboard fulfils the NATO ”single-fuel” directive and is an ideal solution for naval, military, rescue and commercial applications

Cimco Marine AB has developed the OXE Diesel, a Self-contained Belt Propulsor Unit (S-BPU). The OXE is based on a commercial automotive diesel engine and the unique patented BPU technology which enables high torque transfer to the propeller. The belt drive eliminates bevel gears and vertical shafts allowing for a streamlined housing below the waterline giving less drag. The aim is for the OXE Diesel to be a direct replacement for classical outboards in the 150 to 400 HP range.


  • Diesel Engine
  • Low Speed Control
  • Fuel Economy
  • CAN based helm control system
  • Dual helm capability
  • Joystick docking with GPS anchor
  • Robust modular design
  • Low drag propulsion housing
  • Directly replaceable with other outboards

    To watch the video, please follow this link:


To download the brochure, click on the image below.

Proteum OXE Brochure_V1.0

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