OXE Diesel

The OXE outboard engine is based on a commercial automotive diesel engine.  It uses unique patented BPU technology.  This enables high torque transfer to the propeller. The belt drive eliminates bevel gears and vertical shafts.  This allows for a streamlined housing below the waterline which results in less drag. The engine is mounted horizontally giving a high torque transfer.

The OXE Diesel Outboard has been designed for commercial customers.  Typically these include those in the oil and gas sector, fishing, search and rescue and the coastguard.  It fulfils the NATO ”single-fuel” directive making it an ideal solution for naval and military applications.  It is a direct replacement for traditional outboards in the 150 to 400 HP range.

Enhanced Performance

Using diesel rather than petrol gives the OXE engine higher efficiencies and torque.  This in turn allows for superior acceleration.  The Quick Shift Capability protects the engine from damage caused by evasive manoeuvres.

Fuel Economy

The OXE Diesel consumes 42% less fuel than a comparable modern 200hp 2-stroke outboard. The engine housing is optimized for low drag.  This reduces the fuel consumption further. Reduced fuel consumption means longer intervals between refuelling.

Lower Life Cycle Costs

The OXE Diesel is designed to keep life cycle costs to a minimum.  The combined benefits of the modern diesel engine with the efficient transmission provide longer service intervals.  This in turn means lower maintenance costs and longer operation times.

Proteum are UK and Ireland distributors for OXE Diesel.  Please click on the images below for product brochures.  Contact the Proteum team today to discuss your requirements.

Proteum OXE Brochure_V1.0

OXE Diesel outboard engine - Now available at 150HP!
OXE Diesel outboard engine – Now available at 150HP!

Proteum is the official UK & Ireland Distributor for OXE Diesel engines.  We work with a range of clients.  These include boat builders, designers, operators and owners.  Proteum offers a one-stop-shop for new engine sales, spare parts and servicing.  Proteum is part of SC Group.



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