Seatorque Control Systems

The Seatorque Control Systems BOSS is a totally enclosed, oil filled, self contained, shaft and thrust bearing assembly, supplied as a complete unit from transmission output coupling to propeller end. Based on over 14 years of research and development, and covered by numerous Patent applications, the BOSS delivers.

Ideally suited to power boats and pleasure boats, the Seatorque BOSS technology, engines and shafts are installed within hours not days, improving production economics by reducing labour costs and shortening line time

  • Driveline noise and vibrations are eliminated by rubber mounting the system to the vessel.

Thrust is delivered to the hull structure not the engine, and noise is contained, not transmitted.

  • Recommended for High Horsepower Applications

With no horse power restrictions, the BOSS is available in ratings up to 3000 HP per shaft.

  • Reduced Drag

By eliminating the rotational aspect of a traditional shaft, only passive drag remains producing very little in the way of robbed horse power.

  • More Power Released for Propulsion, without an engine upgrade

Reduced turbulence through the propeller due to the non rotating shaft casing, plus eliminating cutlass bearings and stuffing boxes allows for an average* of 8% extra delivered Horse Power to the propeller.

  • Less maintenance and running cost

3000-Hour, or three-year extended maintenance cycle, only involving changing the shaft oil.

  • Safety at Sea

No reliance on complex electronic control systems.

  • Worldwide Warranty, Service & Spares Support


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Proteum is the official UK & Ireland Distributor for Seatorque Control Systems.  We work with a range of clients which include boat builders, designers, operators and owners.  Proteum offers a one-stop-shop for new engine sales, spare parts and servicing.

Please contact the Proteum team today to discuss your requirements or fill in the Enquiries Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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