OXE – GTS Subsea


Why did you choose the OXE diesel outboard?

The boat was built with the ultimate goal of using it to explore the West Coast of Scotland and the Hebrides.  We wanted a boat that we could move by road and would enable us to take advantage, at short notice, of weather windows and travel quickly to a destination. Having chosen a patrol sized RIB we needed the right engine. A proven diesel outboard meant that we could go diesel without losing space to an inboard engine(s). Diesel fuel is far more generally available, once you get north of Oban. Interestingly, the convenience factor is also showing itself on the South and Southwest coast as well. Improved fuel consumption would extend our range, another important consideration with longer distances between fueling points. We can spend more time doing what we want to be doing rather than hunting for fuel. No Jerry Can Shuffle! There’s a safety spin-off too; I’d rather sit on 500+l of diesel than 500+l of petrol!

From a owners perspective has the engine been a success and why?

Yes definitely a success, we made a good choice. It’s done everything we wanted and been reliable. If we were doing this again now – after 2 years – we’d make the same choice. In fact we’re moving up to the OXE 300HP, so, our confidence in these engines is high.

Are you satisfied with the service Proteum has provided since the installation of the engine and would you recommend the OXE engine to other leisure users?

Yes on both counts. Proteum has been great and we’ve developed a good relationship along the way. They give good advice and any input we’ve needed has always been prompt. I think we’d struggle to go back to a large petrol outboard.   In building the OXE CIMCO, they didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. They took a proven engine, marinised it and put a robust drive-train on it. There are lots of advantages to diesel outboards and if you’re building a commercial boat or a private one to a high spec then it makes sense. The OXE is clean, user friendly and really very pleasant to have it sitting in the water behind you, doing its job – with all the benefits of diesel included.

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