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Enhanced performance

The common rail turbo charged diesel engine provides high efficiency and torque. This results in powerful thrust and acceleration, with the capacity to carry heavy loads. The Quick Shift Capability protects the engine from damage caused by evasive manoeuvres and allows for superior acceleration.

Improved fuel economy

The OXE Diesel consumes up to 39% less fuel than a comparable modern 150hp 2-stroke outboard. Reduced fuel consumption means longer intervals between refuelling.

See how much you could save today., 'search: OXE diesel calculator'

Lower life cycle costs

The OXE Diesel is designed to keep life cycle costs to a minimum. Longer service intervals mean lower maintenance costs and longer operation times. Scroll down to complete our Through Life Cost Calculator and find out how much you could save by using an OXE.

Technical specification

The OXE Diesel combines the reliability and endurance of marine inboards with the flexibility and agility of outboard engines. The OXE Diesel Outboard range includes 150, 175, 200 and 300HP options to meet different customer specifications.

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Testimonials from OXE Diesel Users
The OXE is faultless; the smoothness; power; and thrust of the engines are amazing. We can achieve speeds of 20 knots in a boat that weighs in excess of ten tonnes. The OXE’s excellent fuel economy shows with all three engines running to their maximum we have a fuel burn of 90 liters per hour which is phenomenal.
Tony Kortens,
Landing Craft UK
Very impressive, very smooth, very torquey, very fast out of the corners in terms of its pickup. A really impressive, smooth engine and its beginning to find quite few commercial customers.
Jake Frith,
Editor, Maritime Journal
The diesel runs very well its quieter that I thought it would be. The pickup is very good. The economy is a big thing for me … that was at least half the fuel I would burn on my 250HP Yamaha
Iain Elliott,
Portside Rib Charters
The OXE Diesel 150 is very fuel efficient and surprisingly quiet as well. I think that probably the most impressive thing is the mid-range pick up
Sean Strevens,
Cheetah Marine
Having chosen a patrol sized RIB we needed the right engine. A proven diesel outboard meant that we could go diesel without losing space to an inboard engine. Improved fuel consumption would extend our range, another important consideration with longer distances between fueling points. We can spend more time doing what we want to be doing rather than hunting for fuel.
GTS Subsea
We made a good choice. It's done everything we wanted and been reliable. If we were doing this again now - after 2 years - we'd make the same choice. In fact we're moving up to the 300HP so, our confidence in the engines is high.
Leisure Rib
We have carried out the first contract charter with Ros Aine accumulating 125 hours, The potential for the OXE in Ireland is huge within the commercial and aquaculture industry, we are happy to have adopted the OXE early on and are already seeing the benefits.
Eoin Grimes,
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