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7th January 2020

“Although it was a different build to a conventional petrol powered RIB, I think everything has turned out as hoped for.  The blend of the Gemini with the OXE seems to be working really well. Initial results are encouraging and as you can see we’ve been keen to keep going out.

We’re up to 22 hrs now.  We’ve had about 4 trips out and made 3 night time returns to Hamble.  Christmas Eve was a joy to be out with absolutely nothing on the water – quite remarkable.  We even managed to answer a pan last Friday as night fell and fog moved in.

Everything is going well – although I did pass one query to Jack this morning about ignition/trim power.  We’re getting about 25L/NM at 18kt, 2950-ish rpm.  It is reassuring thing to hear behind you in a way that petrol outboards are not.

The more I use it the more I like it. We’re really looking forward to a run-in engine and stretching it’s legs.” Fergus

From 2019

The OXE is faultless; the smoothness; power; and thrust of the engines are amazing. We can achieve speeds of 20 knots in a boat that weighs in excess of ten tonnes. The OXE’s excellent fuel economy shows with all three engines running to their maximum we have a fuel burn of 90 liters per hour which is phenomenal.
Tony Kortens
Landing Craft UK

The OXE Diesel is very impressive, very smooth, lots of torque, very fast out of the corners in terms of its pickup. A really impressive, smooth engine and its beginning to find quite few commercial customers.
Jake Frith
Editor, Maritime Journal

The OXE Diesel runs very well its quieter that I thought it would be. The pickup is very good. The economy is a big thing for me … that was at least half the fuel I would burn on my 250HP Yamaha
Iain Elliott
Portside Rib Charters

The OXE Diesel 150hp is very fuel efficient and surprisingly quiet as well. I think that probably the most impressive thing is the mid-range pick up
Sean Strevens
Cheetah Marine


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