Proteum launches 200hp OXE Diesel outboard into military market

First viable diesel for military users as NATO single fuel policy phases out petrol 

The first viable high power diesel outboard engine for military users, OXE Diesel, is being launched onto the global defence and security market at DSEi by Hamble, UK, based Proteum Ltd, part of SC Group.

The 200hp OXE Diesel outboard has the highest power density of any marine diesel and has the range and performance to operate in the extreme environments required by military operators.  An OXE Diesel powered Boomeranger rib (rigid inflatable boat) will give waterborne demonstrations of its capabilities at DSEi. Potential applications for OXE also include EEZ (Economic Exclusion Zone) protection and other paramilitary and emergency services operations.

The use and storage of petrol aboard mother ships for daughter craft is becoming increasingly prohibited by navies and other forces due to its volatility and NATO’s single fuel policy to improve safety and interoperability is further driving the transition to diesel.

“Finally military and other specialist operators have the choice of a diesel engine to solve the logistic and safety restrictions associated with operating petrol engines and to benefit from diesel’s significantly lower operating costs”, said Jeremy Paul, General Manager of Proteum.

The advantages of operating diesel engines are lower maintenance, longer service life, lower fuel consumption and lower volatility allowing for safe storage both on board and on land where it can be stored in a bunded tank above ground for easy access.

OXE Diesel uses a conventional automotive engine block adapted for marine use and unlike most outboards it is mounted horizontally, which improves reliability and reduces maintenance.   OXE incorporates a unique self-contained belt propulsor unit (S-BPU) that eliminates the traditional high maintenance bevel gears and transfer shafts by utilising the latest belt drive technology.

In April this year OXE manufacturer, Sweden based CIMCO Marine, appointed Proteum as distributor for the UK, Ireland, The Channel Islands and Gibraltar, providing sales, support, spares, maintenance and training. In June OXE received its commercial launch at Seawork  and secured contracts for all eight pre-production units from customers in the fisheries and passenger ferry sectors.   Proteum will receive the first production units in Spring 2016 to support further customer requirements.

An OXE Diesel engine will also be on static display on the Proteum stand within the SC Group pavilion (N9-360).

SC Rebrand takes Supacat into new era

The high mobility vehicle and engineering firm, Supacat, has rebranded under a new SC identity to take the company forward in its successful expansion into new markets and provide a clear customer focus for the company’s products and capabilities.

The newly formed SC Group comprises four defined businesses.  Solidly established in defence, the Supacat name remains in place for the company’s core defence business; SC Innovation is the new brand for all engineering solutions for non-defence customers; Proteum the new brand for the marine products and services company (formerly MDS Marine); and the Blackhill Engineering brand is retained for the large fabrications and associated machining business.

Having successfully outgrown its brand, and whilst retaining its heritage, the new group identity has been created as a platform to allow the company to grow and develop its joint capabilities and bring innovative solutions to its customers across multiple sectors.  Over the last decade it has become one of the world’s leading companies in developing equipment for operation in harsh environments in sectors from defence to marine, renewables, mineral exploration, oil & gas and nuclear power sectors, where high performance, reliability and safety are paramount.

The company was founded in 1980 to develop high mobility vehicles for defence and civil customers.  In 2011 it established Supacat Pty Ltd in Australia and during 2014 made a series of acquisitions in the commercial marine sector leading to the creation of Proteum based in Hamble, UK.  At the end of last year Exeter based heavy fabrication specialist, Blackhill Engineering , was acquired.  SC Group, the Supacat defence business and SC Innovation operate from headquarter facilities at Dunkeswell, Devon, UK.

“The SC brand brings together our people, products and services to create an innovative engineering group structure to achieve our 2020 vision of a diversified industrial group offering a one stop shop of engineering processes.  I look forward to leading the SC Group into the future and, working with our customers to exceed their expectations. We have a passionate and committed team with the skills, expertise, focus and passion to provide the highest value to our customers with bespoke quality products and services”, said Nick Ames, Chief Executive, SC Group.

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SC Group - A New Era
SC Group – A New Era

The renamed SC Group comprises:

  • Supacat is the refreshed brand retaining the company heritage for the core defence business.  Supacat develops and supports high mobility military vehicles such as the HMT Series (e.g. Jackal and Coyote), LRV400 and SPV400 and provides specialist engineering services for defence customers.
  • SC Innovation provides engineering solutions to support all non-defence business. SC Innovation incorporates specialist vehicle work with the RNLI and the emergency services together with products and services for challenging sectors such as oil & gas, marine, renewable energy and nuclear.  These include the SMV 24 multi-purpose vessel and a wave energy device.
  • Proteum is a newly consolidated marine brand within SC Group, formed following the recent acquisition of MDS Marine and Bukh Diesel UK. Proteum represents and distributes a portfolio of marine products and services across UK and Ireland including Bukh, Marine Diesel Sweden, OXE Diesel and Konrad propulsion systems. Proteum also offers global support solutions.
  • Blackhill Engineering Services, established over 50 years ago and another recent acquisition of the Group, retains its existing brand.  Blackhill Engineering serves current and new customers with an expanded portfolio of machine engineering, large fabrication and complex machine assembly services.


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